Welcome to the universe. 6

He seemed to have waited for her to make this move only to take the control over the kiss away from her as soon as their lips touched. His lips were incredibly soft, but raw at the same time as they moved against hers. He pulled her closer with his hand on her lower back and either by accident or on purpose, his fingers sneaked underneath her shirt, caressing her skin. It wasn’t a long kiss but still one to leave her breathless. Her lips still slightly parted, she let her hand slip of his neck but he didn’t let her take a step back.

“And?” he asked with a confident smile, his face only inches away from hers. She knew what he wanted to hear, that he was an amazing kisser. An even better one than she had imagined him to be. But even in the short time he knew her; he should know that she wasn’t going to do him that favor. “Not bad” she replied instead, innocently looking up to him through her lashes. His eyes darkened and from one moment to the other he pushed her backwards until her back hit against the wall behind her again. He stepped in front of her and flicked his cigarette to the ground next to their feet. It was obvious that he wanted to prove her something as he twisted his fingers into her hair. With his other hand on her hip, he held her pressed against the wall, not allowing her to move. Not that she would want to get out of the trap she was in anyway.

His touches had changed from soft to rough and each one of them made her desire for him grow and the tingly feeling of excitement spread in her stomach as he lowered his head down to her. She had no other choice than to grant his tongue the access it requested and it eagerly intertwined with her own. Quickly she once again got lost in the kiss. Drawn to his body, her back arched away from the wall but he immediately used his pelvis to push her back. She moaned into his mouth. How was it possible that he knew exactly how to handle her?

With his teeth tugging at her bottom lip, he ended the kiss and as he pulled his head back she involuntarily followed him, ignoring his smug smile. She wanted more. So much more. Somewhere very far back in her mind she heard a voice telling her to stop, reminding her that she worked for him and how unprofessional her behavior was. But right now she really couldn’t care less. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she yanked him back down. Surprised by the strength she was using, he had to support himself with one hand on the wall next to her head. This time his lips quickly left her mouth, but only to explore more of her. His stubble scraped over her cheek as he moved to her neck, kissing the sensitive spot right behind her ear. Savoring the caress of his lips, she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side to show him that he was at the exact right place. His hot breath tickled her as he brought his lips next to her ear. “Come back to the hotel with me” he whispered in a breathy voice.

Her eyelids fluttered open. That must be his most successful pick-up line. For most girls it must be all it took to get them into his bed. But she wasn’t most girls and neither did she want to have sex with him only because of his name or the fact that he was a rockstar. She wanted to sleep with him, yes. She couldn’t deny how badly her body was aching for him. But it wasn’t going to work like that. She wasn’t a random groupie and she was sure he knew that as well. He would have to chase her a little.

“You still owe me a dance, remember?” She pushed him away from herself with a cheeky smirk and despite his frown she knew he would follow her as she started walking. By the time she had reached the end of the alley they had been in and made the first steps down the boardwalk that led back to the club, he had caught up with her. Just like she had expected. He grabbed her by the elbow and suddenly his mouth was next to her ear again. He murmured a secret, quiet enough that the people who walked past them wouldn’t be able to hear it. “You know, they say I’m even better in bed than at kissing.”

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